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Customer and Marketing Strategy

Applying an outside-in perspective is fundamental and enables clients to achieve their growth objectives.

With our team of global experts, Leaf brings a depth of experience and skills in the following areas:

  • Customer insights: We assist clients to develop an understanding of customer needs and behaviors. We approach and create actionable segmentation from the resulting information. We help clients define the target customer or "sweet spot"—the area of distinct advantage over competitors—to enable informed business decisions and investment allocation.
  • Product Management: Our services enable firms to overcome barriers to innovation and improve ongoing customer-led product development so their value proposition is differentiated and meets customer needs.
  • Pricing: We help resolve the pricing paradox—pricing is almost always the #1 profit lever, yet it remains under-developed in most companies—by building long-term pricing capabilities and capitalizing on in-year-revenue opportunities.
  • Sales and pipeline effectiveness: Our efforts enable companies to identify quick, targeted, customized solutions and strategic and operational improvements that boost underperforming sales organizations.
  • Brand and marketing action plan: Our services empower companies to align marketing and brand strategy with overarching business objectives and ensure marketing investments are generating the highest returns and reinforcing the brand position. Applying this methodology and policies, the company can build a loyal customer base through branding that cultivates a strong, trusted image.
  • Customer experience: Companies utilized our services to develop a series of positive interactions with the customer to earn their advocacy and inform consistent delivery of experiences that drive top-line growth.
  • Loyalty: The services provided to companies include methods that are utilize to nurture promoters—loyal customers who are more profitable and who are active proponents of your business through the diverse high and low aspects of the business cycle. 
  • Go-to-market strategy: This encompasses services that are targeted to companies enabling them to build powerful, integrated go-to-market systems. These systems build a bridge between a company’s strategy and the exceptional customer experiences that are the ultimate driver of customer advocacy and loyalty.

Customer-centric businesses build a virtuous cycle we call the "customer wheel." We help companies navigate through every stage of growth, developing custom solutions and collaborating with all levels of the organization.

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