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Mergers & Acquisition 

Every transaction is unique and requires a customized approach that enables the transaction to be flexible and scalable and in-line with the client's objectives.  In addition, we explore, develop and address specific areas of concern and create a methodology that facilities progress through the due diligence process. We assist clients with transactions of various sizes that encompass all industries. Whether it's a small add-on acquisition, a large platform, or the carve-out of a large fortune 500 company; we are committed to the process and execution of the M&A cycle.


The M&A process is a strategic corporate option and strategy for growth which encompasses the following:

  • Defining an organization's M&A objective and growth strategy. 
  • Identify the target companies and developing and implementing the value adding growth models.

The M&A process and cycle is then followed by the:

Deal Thesis: Clarifies how the deal creates value and relates to the company's growth strategy. 

  • Apply the company's capabilities to add value to the target.
  • Utilizes company resources to identify new and undeveloped target company business opportunities that when developed, will enhance corporate growth. 

Diligence and Valuation: This is a rigorous strategic process and the key to determining if the acquisition is consistent with the company's overall growth objectives. 

  • Determine the target's standalone value based on its current business model and financial results and understanding of cash flows.
  • Quantify the target company value and acquisition cost.

Merger Integration Planning is outlining exactly how and when major resources, assets, processes, and commitment of the acquiring and acquired companies will be combined to achieve the strategic goals of the M&A transaction.

Post-Merger Integration (PMI) involves executing an acquisition integration plan and is one of the most difficult components of the M&A process. The convergence of these challenges occurs in a different environment than normally exists. Managing a merger, regardless of size, is distinctly different from managing outgoing operations. 

  • Creating a short-term list of critical actions. 
  • Planning and executing a specific list of integration tasks.

The M&A challenges occur in a newly created business environment and require the development and application of stringent and precise management interaction, policies and techniques. The cost effective implementation and integration of the Companies will determine a significant part of the success and future returns of the M&A transaction.

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